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96PD - 3D television - Without the flicker

More comfortable and easier on your eyes, with an even, steady picture.

Konka televisions use a passive 3D panel to create a 3D picture. This technology creates a more stable image which doesn’t flicker, so you won’t feel dizzy or unbalanced, even after watching lengthy shows or films. Watching 3D TV is now a lot more comfortable.


3D Glasses3D Glasses

Lightweight and practical, Konka 3D glasses are stylish and specialized. Made with lightweight materials, they are comfortable to wear for any length of time, and are suitable for all family members.



Konka televisions can support multiple file formats, so there’s no hassle when watching films stored on other devices.

Just connect your external HDD, smart phone, or any device using the USB port. You can enjoy cinematic quality without having to worry about which formats your movie file are saved as.


Play pictures

Playing PictureEasily bring your photos to the big screen. By connecting your camera to Konka televisions using a USB cable, you can display photos, play music and home movies in high definition. It’s a better way to share


988PD - Konka is leading the new era of 3D home theater

By using top quality 3D hardware, Konka is leading the new era of 3D home theatre. 3D TV KDL42M S86AD is a flagship product from Konka. Using the latest technology, the image is steady and won’t cause you to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, even after viewing for a long time.

The new generation of 3D TV’s creates a lifelike 3D image, for a more powerful viewing experience. You’ll be impressed with the excellent quality of a 3D production. It’s the height of home entertainment.


Konka is leading the new era of 3D home theater

Latest technology in IPS hard screens

We use the latest technology in IPS hard screens , which gives the best non-flickering 3D picture. It’s more enjoyable, realistic, and easy on your eyes.

Our multi-angle visual function means a quality 3D picture can be enjoyed by everyone in the room, regardless of where they are sitting.

Latest technology in IPS hard screens

Smart Chips + Dual Core processor

To drive the 3D engine, Konka have combined a smart chip with a duel core processor. This method lifts 3D TV to a new level, making the flickering picture a thing of the past. The new smart chip makes adjustments to your picture with expert precision. With the smart chip, features including brightness and signal strength are easily fine tuned to perfection.


3D glasses at no extra cost

Each Konka 3D TV comes with two pairs of 3D glasses, at no extra cost.

Our specialized 3D glasses are developed by independent researchers to ensure a perfect match with our 3D TV’s. They have been designed with precision to make the dizzy, unsteady feeling of watching 3D TV a thing of the past.

The latest generation of 3D lenses completely eliminate interference from other sources. They work by filtering light through the lenses, and there is no need for batteries or electricity.

Lightweight and comfortable, these 3D glasses have the look and feel of designer sunglasses. With no strain on your eyes, 3D glasses produce the clearest 3D picture.

3D glasses at no extra cost



2D to 3D


3D TV is new to home entertainment, and to ensure you can still enjoy your old favorites, Konka 3D TV’s can also be used to watch traditional 2D films and television.

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